Welcome too

Hello, thanks for dropping in.

This is a webpage about an idea. An Idea that can potentially get us humans out of our self obsessed mode. Offer beauty, hope, connection, re-evaluation and healing reflection.

It’s working title is

Earth to Aliens

It’s about doing something together as a species, as humanity, as a community. It’s about celebrating life and giving and adding meaning to it. Preserving that what is precious to us as a whole and as individual souls.

The idea:

Collectively creating one dedicated, long lasting, always traveling and growing signal into the universe with our story. The things we really cherish. A continuous data-stream of us sharing all that is beautiful en meaningful about life, nature, history, knowledge, culture, the universe and everything!

Created by trillions and trillions of personal contributions from all of us together.

Not for us, but for them.

So one day, our most precious heartfelt Ark of life will touch other intelligent life in space.

Like the idea and want to help make it a reality?
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